About Furnell Companies

Who We Are

In 1950, Doyle Furnell, founder of Furnell Companies, began with a simple idea: provide quality necessities at an affordable cost to accommodate the needs of willing customers.

Over 70 years later, Furnell Companies has not only based its daily business activity from that simple thought, but consistently worked to perfect that basic idea upon which the company was founded.

Furnell Companies of Sedalia, Missouri, has shown remarkable growth by continually offering its customers quality, affordable homes, rental apartments, commercial rentals, long-term senior adult living and elegant hotel accommodations.

As a family-owned, family-operated company, Furnell Companies strives to provide genuine, quality services to make you feel part of our bigger, collective family unit. With nearly 275 dedicated employees across 50+ counties in Missouri, Furnell Companies invites you to experience quality service from our perspective: From our Family.

What We Do

Furnell Companies works to perfect and specialize in the following quality services:

By providing affordable, quality residential, commercial and travel accommodations, Furnell Companies proves itself as a substantial contributor to economic development across mid-Missouri.

Contact us or visit us today to discover how our services can be of use to you and your family.